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Thursday, March 7, 2013

English Essay : Types of Bully

            40% of managers feel ‘uncomfortable’ and probably would not report cases of harassment or bullying inflicted by senior managers. (Mercer Human Resource. ‘People Management’ June 2005). Bully issues are synonyms in our lives. It can happen at school, work, home, on the internet or somewhere else and also to anyone. According to Oxford Dictionary, bully can be determined by a person who threats somebody cruelly on weaker people. Bullies mean frightener threat somebody cruelly or unwelcome behavior. Bullying is usually done to coerce others by fear or threat and can be shown in many ways: physical, verbal, emotional and etc. There are several types of bully such as corporate bullying, serial bullying, gang bullying, vicarious bullying which occurred in men lives.

            Corporate bullying is usually happen in workplace scene. This scenario is offensive, intimidating or humiliating behavior, abuse of power or authority which attempts to undermine an individual or group of employees. This matter will happen when the employer abuses employees with impunity knowing that the law is weak and jobs are scarce. The weaker workers will be burden by a lot of works from their employer. However, they’ll not been paid with the price of their effort have used. This will caused the employees angry and unsatisfied but they cannot voice out their thought. As example, the employer coercing employees to work 60/70/80 weeks on a regular basis then making life hell for (or dismissing) anyone who objects. This situation shows that the workers will be punished if anybody protest their employer’s words.
            The source of all dysfunction can be traced to one individual, who picks on one employee after another and destroys them is the definition of serial bullying. Serial bullying appears to lack insight into employer’s behavior and seems to be oblivious to the crassness and inappropriateness on his or her employees. However, it is more likely that the bully knows what they are doing but elects to switch off the moral and ethical considerations by which normal people are bound. The employer will takes advantage from the victim by asks he or she doing every request before being eliminated. As example, the employer planned towards the employee with harassment which may consist of a single incident or a few incidents or many incidents so the employee can be thrown away.
            Gang bullying is a serial bully with colleagues. Gangs can occur anywhere, but flourish in corporate bullying climates. If the bully is an extrovert, they are likely to be leading from the front and be a shouter or screamer, thus easily identifiable. If the bully is an introvert, that person will be in the background initiating the mayhem but probably not taking an active part, and may thus be harder to identify. Gang bullying is often called mobbing and usually involves scapegoating and victimization by causing violence towards a person or public. As example, harassment is often domination for superiority of the gang than another one by making something extremely worst actions to prove their authority to others.
            Vicarious bullying happens when two parties are encouraged to engage in adversarial interaction or conflict. This bully usually occurred in workplace. A party becomes the bully's instrument of harassment and is deceived and manipulated into bullying the other party. As example, conflict between employer and employees, participating occasionally to stoke the conflict, but rarely taking an active parts in the conflict themselves.
            In a conclusion, variety of bullies happens around us such as corporate bullying, serial bullying, gang bullying and vicarious bullying. Those types of bully are mainly to irritate people who are around: children, students, colleagues, workers, public and etc. at anywhere. If everyone concerned on this matter: teachers, school or colleague authorities, police, parents and government truly committed to zero tolerance, then there is solid evidence that the amount and the severity of bullying can be reduced dramatically.


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